Learn Arabic

Unlike other subjects, learning a language can seem so difficult that it’s easy to give up before starting. If you have felt uneasy about learning Arabic you are not alone. Also, your worries are more than reasonable.

Many students set out to learn Arabic every year. Most of them will fail.

The way Arabic is being taught at most learning centers and universities is ineffective. Students complete hundreds of hours of classes and stumble out of their class unable to communicate in Arabic. They don’t understand much Arabic they hear or read, either.

After years of struggle, many of them can’t speak a single sentence except that they would make an embarrassing mistake. Even more students can’t speak a single sentence at all.

See Results

Most students are missing the mark with learning Arabic. Maybe you’re tired of “learning Arabic” while not learning Arabic at all. We understand. Our students get the results they wanted in learning Arabic. You can, too. Soon you’ll be able to:

  • Read Arabic stories with Full Comprehension
  • Hold conversations in Arabic
  • Write out short personal stories in Arabic
  • Achieve clear milestones in your learning every 2 weeks.


It used to be that to learn Arabic you would have to travel to the Middle East. The headache of travel plans, visas, and finding livable accommodation. Such a headache and a considerable cost. Now you can learn Arabic without quitting your job or leaving your home.

Learn Arabic with your busy schedule. Your 3 classes each week are recorded and made available for you throughout the week. Study at your home, a library, or a coffee shop. Keep up with your studies easily, even while you’re traveling.

Have Fun

Enjoy yourself while learning Arabic. Science shows that you learn more while having fun. At Tanzeel-ul-Quran, fun is one of the secrets to our success in teaching. Our students learn more while having fun than other students learn while being bored. Our teachers are evaluated on how much they engage their classes.

  • Teachers with Personality
  • Engaging Curriculum
  • Arabic Culture