Quran Reading

To be able to read the Holy Quran, we must first learn the rules. Noorani Qaida is the ultimate solution to learn those rules. Once we master these rules, it becomes very easy for us to recite the Holy Quran with correct Tajweed and accent.

Reading Quran with correct accent or tajweed is the key part of recitation and all of us wish to recite Holy Quran with proper rules. It’s important to learn Quran with those rules to recite It effectively and easily. Under the guidance of a professional online tutor, you will learn quickly and will improve your Quran reading skills in the most effective manner. Take a free trial of 3 Online Classes to see how it works. After the trial lessons, you can decide that whether you should continue with us or not.  Click the register now button to take a free trial of 3 Online Classes.

Our qualified tutors, by using most interactive screen sharing and voice conversational software, will ease your learning and will guide you to become a good Holy Quran reciter.



Importance of Learning Quran

The importance of learning in general and learning Quran, in particular, is evident from the first revelation that Allah Almighty bestowed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The verses of the first revelation say:

“Proclaim! (or read) in the name of the Lord and Cherisher, who created, -created man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood” (Chapter 96; Verse 1-2)

Thus Islam from its very beginning has been a proponent of learning, and what better book for learning can be other than the Quran which is the word of Allah Almighty. Furthermore, pertaining to the learning of Quran, the following hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) speaks for itself:

“The best of you is he who has learned the Quran and then taught it.” (Bukhari)

Thus the learning of Quran and its teaching is one of the sacred acts a Muslim can perform.



Prime Goals of Learning Quran

  • Learning Quran is a religious obligation hence its learning fulfills this duty
  • By learning Quran you can understand the ultimate guiding rules and principles
  • We come in direct contact with the word of Almighty Allah
  • Access guiding principles regarding the way of living life as Allah Almighty wants us to live



  1. Part 1(Alif Lam Meem)
  2. Part 2(Sayaqool)
  3. Part 3(Tilkal Rusull)
  4. Part 4(Lan Tana Loo)
  5. Part 5(Wal Mohsanat)
  6. Part 6(La Yuhibbullah)
  7. Part 7(Wa Iza Samiu)
  8. Part 8(Wa Lau Annana)
  9. Part 9(Qalal Malao)
  10. Part 10(Wa A’lamu)
  11. Part 11(Yatazeroon)
  12. Part 12(Wa Mamin Da’abat)
  13. Part 13(Wa Ma Ubrioo)
  14. Part 14(Rubama)
  15. Part 15(Subhanallazi)
  16. Part 16(Qal Alam)
  17. Part 17(Aqtarabo)
  18. Part 18(Qadd Aflaha)
  19. Part 19(Wa Qalallazina)
  20. Part 20(A’man Khalaq)
  21. Part 21(Utlu Ma Oohi)
  22. Part 22(Wa Manyaqnut)
  23. Part 23(Wa Mali)
  24. Part 24(Faman Azlam)
  25. Part 25(Elahe Yuruddo)
  26. Part 26(Ha’a Meem)
  27. Part 27(Qala Fama Khatbukum)
  28. Part 28(Qadd Sami Allah)
  29. Part 29(Tabarakallazi)
  30. Part 30(Amma Yatasa’aloon)