Islamic Supplications

There are a variety of Tasks that we undertake every day of our life. While taking every step of life, it is necessary that the help, blessings and mercy of Allah be asked. For this reason, there are special supplications which must be memorized and recited during any activity.

The students including sisters, brothers, daughters and kids can learn daily supplication from our experienced Quran Teachers and tutors online. We at Tanzeel-ul-Quran have specially designed courses for teaching Quranic and Islamic lessons to our students including daily supplication which is very important for every Muslim.  We have special dua plan for all days of the week.  It is necessary that every man and woman and especially the kids memorize the duas.  Reciting supplications is one of the main conducts of a Muslim so if you are one of those who are looking for the resources to learn to adopt Islamic way of life must register with us.

Our complete supplication plan includes those supplications which are necessary for special events like Fasting, Funeral, Marriage, travelling and also the duas for different everyday activities like eating, drinking, sneezing, anger, before/after sleeping, entering the house, mosque,  exiting mosque, leaving the house etc.

We teach these supplications with translation in both English and Urdu so that the students may be able to understand what they are praying.

Every Muslim should make a routine to recite supplication even during an ordinary task of life. Reciting supplication for daily tasks is not compulsory in Islam but Duas are important for seeking protection from shayateen. When a Muslim recites duas, it shows his beliefs that he turns towards Allah in every matter and event of life.

We not only let our students learn and recite daily supplication but also teach them the proper way of supplicating. Our teachers teach the importance of intent to the students so that they can make proper intention with purity of heart.

We teach duas in proper Arabic accent because our tutors are university certified and are expert in Quranic teachings.

Proceed further to make yourself educated with daily supplications to show Allah your true spirit of Islam inclination. Tanzeel-ul-Quran is a great platform for Online Quran Learning and daily supplication in a very convenient manner.  We have been striving hard to spread the Islamic teachings all around the world so the students from all over the world are welcome to register with us.